Upcoming Talks: ARIA and Canvas

Allow me a little self-promotion while pointing you to interesting conferences where I will hold presentations.

SXSW Interactive 2009

Logo SXSW Interactive 2009Most important is voting for my panels at South by Southwest (SXSW) held March 13-17, 2009 in Austin, Texas. There’s an interactive panel picker that accounts for 30% of the juice a panel can receive. I proposed two panels, please vote for them: Hands-On Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) and The HTML 5 Canvas Element.

Both are for advanced developers and feature fairly innovative topics:

ARIA will be a panel with many hands-on examples of real world implementations presented together with Gez Lemon, Steve Faulkner (both working for The Paciello Group) and a developer from Mozilla/IBM. I asked Aaron Leventhal who just moved over to Germany thus suggesting to invite somebody from IBM’s Texan office, so be it.

The talk about the canvas element in HTML5 will be a dual presentation with Ernest Delgado who created some amazing experiments while working for Google and Yahoo! I’m preparing talks with a few exiting examples about that topic in September, so we will have some interesting cases to present! I believe in 2009 we will see more examples of this technique in the wild. It’s pretty cool what you can do with it, but also we need to gather some experience to suggest accessibility features that are still missing.

Voting for panels closes on August 29, just create an account (you won’t be spammed) and cast your vote. And while you’re at it, there are other panel suggestions of valued colleagues from the Web Standards Project where you can add some emphasis. ;)

Other conferences

The next geek meeting held in Frankfurt will be the Webmontag (Web Monday) on September 1st where I will give my presentation about canvas a short test drive.

A few days later on September 4 I have the honor of the opening talk at the Web Congress at the University of Erlangen, again about canvas, only this time a full hour.

On September 25 there’s the Best of Accessibility Symposium in Düsseldorf where I hold a workshop about hands-on ARIA (you recognize the pattern?).

On October 10-11 an internal namics conference called T-Camp is held in Basel, with my colleague Alex Stirn and me speaking about Professional Frontend Engineering.

A conference I’m looking forward to because of the many experts attending and the fair prices is the A-Tag (Accessibility Day) in Vienna, Austria, on November 21. Again I will sing praises of ARIA. This innovative technique can’t be evangelized enough! There’s no website yet for the A-Tag, but I’d recommend to book your journey well in advance to catch the inexpensive flights to Vienna. The conference itself cost only € 35 last year is free because it is sponsored by the Austrian government.

If you happen to be around, don’t hesitate to speak to me.

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  1. Eric Eggert

    The website for the ATAG08 in Vienna is in the making, guess it will launch at the end of August which still provides enough time for getting cheap flights. The conference will be more intimate with just about 150 seats and it will be FREE thanks to our co-organizer, the Federal Ministry of Health, Family and Youth. And if that’s not enough: The conference is on a friday, perfect for a weekend in Vienna or the Barcamp which will be held at the two following days in Graz, just about two and a half hours away.

    We’re really excited about that fabulous event which will take place on the 19th floor just by the Danube river.

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