SXSW 2008: Get Rich, Remain Accessible

South by Southwest (SXSW) is a huge conference for interactive media as well as a film and music festival in Austin, Texas, March 7-11, 2008. Every year it attracts the best designers and developers, and there is an immense number of panels to choose from. Exactly 128, out of which 80 are chosen from an open submission process.

Gez Lemon and I plan to run a panel called “Get Rich, Remain Accessible,” naturally about WAI ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications). Gez wrote a great article about ARIA liveregions, and I wrote that article at A List Apart, so it’s the perfect team. Together we would like to present:

  1. The accessibility problems introduced by the current trend of web applications,
  2. new ways to add semantic meaning, communicate importance, define relationships, and give focus to elements using WAI-ARIA,
  3. how to limit the impact of these problems whilst WAI-ARIA is gaining support by user-agents, and techniques that work right now.

It would be nice if you took the time to vote for us at the SXSW panel picker application. The voting process is open until 11:59 pm, September 21. If you push our presentation to the top 80 you will ensure Gez and I actually make every effort to attend the conference as we will get free tickets for ourselves. Spread the word … ;)

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