Graded Browser Support Q2 Update

Based on Nate Koechley’s concept of graded browser support we terminated support for Firefox 1.5 because it’s no longer supported and upgraded by Mozilla. Also we changed Opera support from 9.0 to 9.x, where “x” stands for the latest stable version.

Matrix of supported browsers in BlueMars projects

Windows XP Mac 10.4 Linux
IE 7.0 A-grade n/a n/a
IE 6.0 A-grade n/a n/a
IE 5.5 C-grade n/a n/a
IE 5.0 C-grade n/a
Firefox 2.0.x A-grade A-grade A-grade
Opera 9.x A-grade X-grade X-grade
Safari 2.0.x n/a A-grade n/a
Konqueror 3.5.x n/a n/a A-grade

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